The Coon Rapids Bayard Alumni Pages wiki is a demonstration of one way to create and maintain class(es) alumni information.

This wiki is being developed for use in professional development workshops for K-12 teachers and their school activities.

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You can "Edit This Page" - to make your class page your own, as a member of that class.

NOTICE: I seek one or two co-administrators for this site. I'll train you, as necessary. Would like to get one alumni, somewhere, and someone connected with the CRB School, in some way. If you see this, and are interested, my email is: billsmith2003 at - send me a note! THANKS! 2/3/2013

Class lists - by decade, and by year within decade - information to fill the class lists is being transferred from the existing Coon Rapids Bayard Alumni website at: which is approaching its eleventh anniversary; all new information will be posted on this wikispace site only, not on the geocities site. [Notice: Geocities (Yahoo) closed that all geocities as of Oct 2009] All classes are being migrated to this Wikisite. All new posts are to this Wikisite.
[NOW (May 2013) at:]

Class Reunions - This is the list of announcements for the current year - See the individual class year page for information posted on the reunions

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This website is designed as a demonstration project related to creation of class alumni pages for K-12 students.